Mount Elgon National Park is located in eastern Uganda and has an area of 1145 square kilometres. It takes its name from Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano that is one of Uganda’s many prehistoric natural marvels and whose first eruption occurred 24 million years ago.

When compared to Mount Kilimanjaro, which has 5895 metres in elevation, Mount Elgon was once the tallest mountain range in Africa, but that was millions of years ago. However, erosion has caused its height to drop to 4321 metres, with its highest peak being Wagagai peak.
Two tribes, the Bagisu and Sabiny, live there. With a 4000 square kilometre surface area, Mount Elgon has the world’s biggest volcanic base. It is located right near the Kenya–Uganda border and has an 80–kilometre circle.

More than 300 different bird species can be found in Mount Elgon National Park, such as the critically endangered lammergeyer, crowned hornbills, dusky turtle doves, black and white casqued hornbills,  and the tacazze and golden-winged sunbirds, Jackson’s Francolin, Ross’s and Hartlaub’s Turaco, grey cuckoo shrike, black-throated wattle eye, and many others. It has a dense montane forest, mixed bamboo belts, and rare flora including gigantic lobelia and groundsels. Numerous more monkey species exist, including blue and black and white colobus monkeys.

Activities in Mount Elgon National Park


Eastern Uganda’s Mount Elgon National Park is a great place to go for bird viewing. A birding tour in Mount Elgon National Park enables you to spot various species of birds, including the tacazze and the golden-winged sunbirds, Mountain yellow warbler,  Jackson’s Francolin, Ross’s and Hartlaub’s Turaco, lammergeyer, black and white casqued hornbills, crowned hornbills, African blue flycatchers, Luhders bush shrikes, chin spot batis, Doherty There are several pathways that lead you on a nature walk around the base of Mount Elgon, where you’ll also get to see some amazing birds.

Sipi Falls hike

One of the most visited locations in Mount Elgon National Park is the Sipi Falls, which is home to a massive old Stone Age cave artwork adjacent to the Budadiri trailhead, beautiful mountain peaks, hot springs that bubble vigorously, and gorges, among other things. Nearly 66 kilometres from Mbale, on the way to the Forest Exploration Center and Kapkwata, lie the Sipi Falls. A succession of three waterfalls combines to create this enchanted waterfall.

Mount Elgon trekking

Sasa trailhead, to Sipi trailhead-forest exploration centre to Kapkwai, or the Kapkwata, also known as Piswa trailhead, are the three primary trailheads that lead to Mount Elgon’s summits. One of these trailheads begins at Budadiri. The Sasa trail provides a direct path to the mountain summits and travels through a sizable section of the park’s bamboo forest.


There are around 9 basic campsites at Mount Elgon National Park, and they are great for camping. They are strategically positioned throughout the walking routes, and there are designated campsites for camping. You must bring your camping supplies, such as a sleeping bag, tent, gloves, strong hiking shoes, a hat, torch, rain gear, cooking utensils, a first aid kit, food, warm clothing, and others if you want to camp here.

A day hike

A day hike on one of the three-day paths at Mount Elgon National Forest’s forest exploration centre pays for travel efforts with breathtaking views. They are between 3 and 7 kilometres long and provide the ideal experience since they offer fantastic opportunities to see uncommon plant and animal species. The fourth route offers magnificent views of several animal species, including black and white colobus monkeys and other bird species, before leading to Tutum cave.

When to visit Mount Elgon National Park

Unbelievably, the greatest time to visit Mount Elgon National Park is during the dry season. The park is open all year round as a safari destination. Normal starting dates for the dry season are June through August/September and December through mid-March. You may, however, go to Mount Elgon National Park on a safari during the wet season. The rainy season offers its own distinctive experiences, including beautiful waterfall vistas.

Accommodations at the Mount Elgon National Park

The Kapkwata Rest House and the Forest Exploration Center are the two main places for visitors to stay overnight in Mount Elgon National Park. The other hotels include Sunrise Inn, Country Home, Mount Elgon Hotel, and Mbale Resort Hotel.