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Lake Victoria Fishing Tour, UgandaThe Lake Victoria Fishing Tour is designed for individuals who only have a few days in Uganda and wish to go fishing on Lake Victoria.

The lake is Africa’s largest and spans three nations. Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

The package is also ideal for individuals who wish to include fishing as part of their schedule, either before or after a wildlife safari.

You get to relax and enjoy the tropical weather on Lake Victoria while hoping to catch some great fish.


You will be picked up from your hotel/residence today to begin the trip. We’ll go to Entebbe, where we’ll board a boat and begin our fishing adventure.

We’ll cruise to the equator while enjoying beverages and nibbles. We’ll be going to a private property called One Minute South, so named since it’s only a minute south of the Equator.

Licensing governs fishing in Lake Victoria. We are permitted to fish for Tilapia, which will be served for supper at our destination. Nile Perch will be tagged and released.

Check into the villa and unwind. You may go shore fishing, swim in Lake Victoria’s tropical waters, or relax at the pool.
One Minute South for dinner and overnight


Today, after a leisurely breakfast, we will go to Ngamba Island, which is home to chimpanzees. Ngamba Island is a Non-Governmental Organization that cares for 52 endangered chimpanzees.

The chimps were saved from poachers who kidnapped the infants for the pet trade. In most cases, the parents are slain while attempting to protect their children.

These chimps were all rescued from poachers and given a home on the island since they are difficult to reintroduce into the wild. They lack the inherent instincts necessary for survival in the wild.

We’ll learn more about these endangered creatures and observe them being fed. We will also have lunch before returning to the lake for further fishing on our way back to Entebbe.

After that, you will be taken to your hotel or place of abode.

Please see this page for additional information about our fishing expeditions.

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