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20 Day Uganda Discovery Tour

Uganda is a blessed country with more than 5 African Biomes which makes it a special country with a lot of diversity in wildlife. This has boosted more than 300 mammals and over 1000 birds, 1200 butterflies among others in such a small country.
Our 20 days discovery tour gives you light on what this country is capable of offering right in any direction you take with the green forests of the west, huge water bodies, tectonic evidences like the rift valley and craters, as well as dry savanna plains of the north among others.

This tour covers almost all the national parks in Uganda which gives a chance to enjoy the amazing wildlife in all those protected areas including Mountain Gorilla Tracking which is a once in a lifetime experience. These include; Pian-Upe and Matheniko-Bokora Wildlife reserves, Kidepe Valley, Murchison Falls, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable and Lake Mburo National parks.

This long safari not only gives a chance with wildlife diversity but also the different cultures in the country through interactions with the local communities around the different protected areas. Uganda is culturally diverse with over 50 different tribes and this tour will ensure an interaction with over 10 tribes.

20 Day Uganda discovery Tour in Brief

Day 1; Move to Sipi falls Kapchorwa via Mabira, and the source of the Nile in Jinja
Day 2; Full day in Sipi and Mt elgon area
Day 3; Transfer from Sipi to Moroto
Day 4; Full day venturing in the Kjong manyatas
Day 5; Transfer from Moroto to KVNP
Day 6; Full day in KVNP
Day 7; Full day in KVNP
Day 8; Transfer from KVNP to MFNP
Day 9; Full day in MFNP
Day 10; Transfer from MFNP to KNP
Day 11; Chimp tracking in KNP
Day 12; Transfer to QENP
Day 13; Full day in QENP
Day 14; Transfer to BINP
Day 15; Gorilla tracking and Batwa
Day 16; Transfer from BINP via Bunyonyi to LMNP
Day 17; Full day in LMNP
Day 18; LMNP to KLa
Day 19; City tour
Day 20; Botanical gardens and departure

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport and check in at The Entebbe Boma Hotel/ Protea
This facility is found at the beautiful Entebbe Peninsula with a fresh breeze from Lake Victoria and has got very many singing birds especially in the morning hence a convenient rest place after a long flight.
Day 2: Transfer to Sipi through Jinja
After breakfast, we shall drive to the eastern part of the country to Sipi. This journey will be through the lush Mabira central forest reserve with a nature walk. We shall later continue to the source of the Nile, to the foothills of Mt. Elgon in Mbale and finally to the land of Athletes in Kapchorwa- Sipi.
Overnight at Home of Friends Lodge/ Sipi River Lodge
Day 3: Nature Walk in Sipi and transfer to Moroto
After our morning breakfast, we shall link up at the starting point for our nature walk through the beautiful Sipi falls. This will take about 5 hours after which we shall have our lunch at the lodge and continue northwards to Moroto, the home of the Karamojongs. This is a long drive of about 6 hours.
Overnight at Mt. Moroto Hotel
Day 4: Visit to the Karamojong Homestead and Museum
After our breakfast, we head right to the village for a Karamojong Manyata and cultural experience. The Karamojongs are believed to be a tribe in Uganda that still has the old ways of living. There is still use of rudimentary tools in that culture than anywhere else in the country. This makes it a special group of people and a visit to them gives light on how influential development has changed lives both in Uganda and the entire world. This will take the whole morning.
After our afternoon lunch and rest in the hot Karamoja, we shall head to the Karamojong museum to learn more about this amazing culture and regalia.
Overnight back at Mt. Moroto Hotel
Day 5: Transfer from Moroto to Kidepo Valley National Park
After a lazy breakfast, we shall set off for about 8 hours to Kidepo valley National Park and have an evening nature walk if time allows. Kidepo is Africa’s most wilderness park with big herds of buffalo up to 5000 individuals in one herd, the fastest mammal, largest bird, largest land mammal on earth among others like the elusive eland, zebras, jackals, lion, and leopard. Kidepo also boosts off a variety of special bird species like the Common Ostrich, Secretary Bird, Abyssinian Roller, Clapperton’s and Yellow_necked Francolins to mention a few.
Overnight at Apoka Safari Lodge/ Savanna Lodge/ Apoka UWA Bandas
Day 6: Game drive in Kidepo Valley NP
For almost the whole day, we shall conduct a rewarding game drive in the Narus Valley. This is the most appropriate place do visit while searching for the big mammals in Kidepo. Narus Valley is favourable for the big game because of the presence of water holes and other sources even in the long dry season. That explains why there are large concentrations of mammals hence suitable for game drives. Kidepo is a very hot semi-arid park found in the dry Karamoja region and because of the hot weather, the game drive will stop towards midday, a resting time will follow and then an evening game drive to crown the day.
Overnight at Apoka Safari Lodge/ Savanna Lodge/ Apoka UWA Bandas
Day 7: Transfer from Kidepo to Murchison falls National Park
After breakfast, we shall head southwards to the beautiful Bunyoro and West Nile regions. This place harbours the beautiful expanses of Murchison Falls NP. This park houses Uganda’s most powerful/energetic falls from which its name is derived. It is also Uganda’s largest national park with a very wide variety of diversity including mammals and birds among others.
This is a day to the start of enjoying colorful sunsets over Lake Albert and the Nile with the many Borass’s palms toning the landscape to make perfect scenery. The drive will take a full day from which we shall check in at Paraa/ Pakuba Safari Lodge.

Day 8: Morning Game drive and afternoon Boat cruise in Murchison Falls NP
After our hot rest, we shall have an early morning breakfast but with an option of a packed one if needed and then head out for our game drive. The game expected includes Africa’s big four mammals-Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo among others like Oribi, Heartbeest, Giraffe, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Hippo, Uganda Kob, Jackal, and Hyena.
We shall later on head for our lunch after which we shall get on the Victoria Nile for a boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison falls. Some game is expected here including a lot of water fowl, Crocodiles, Hippos, Monitor Lizards and others. Overnight back at the same lodge

Day 9: Transfer from Murchison falls to Kibale National Park
This is the longest drive of the tour which is basically a whole day’s journey. After breakfast, we shall get to mostly our dirt roads with a few paved chunks and head further south to the low land forest of Kibale. We shall equip ourselves with parked lunch boxes or optionally have a local lunch menu in Kagadi. By late afternoon, we shall be reaching Fort Portal, the nearest town to Kibale from where we shall check in to our lodge.
Kibale is arguably the world’s primate capital with more than 15 different primate species all in one forest. The exciting part is that among those primates, man’s closest cousins-the chimpanzees dominate the forest population with approximately 5000 individual residents.
Overnight at Kibale Forest Camp/ Chimpanzee View Guest House/ Kibale Guest Cottages

Day 10: Chimpanzee Tracking
After breakfast, we shall head to the park offices for briefing before our visit to the chimpanzees that includes the expectation of the journey as well as the dos and don’ts of the activity. Chimpanzee tracking will take us half a day but we shall carry packed lunches as nature is unpredictable.
Later in the day, we shall have a swamp or community walk to know how the natives live and survive.
Overnight back at the lodge

Day 11: Transfer from Kibale to Queen Elizabeth NP

On this day, we shall set off in the morning heading southwards to Queen Elizabeth NP. This journey will take us through the beautiful Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru. This is a very attractive nature site comprised of stalactites, stalagmites falls and several craters that beautify the scenery.
After our visit to Nyakasura, we shall move through the farmlands in the Ruwenzori ranges, cross the Equator to the dry savannas of Queen Elizabeth NP. Overnight at Mweya/ Enganzi/ twin Lakes Safari Lodge

Day 12: Game Drive and Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth NP
After an early morning breakfast, we shall drive to the Kasenyi plains for our game drive in search of wildlife and the mammals expected include; Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Hyena, Water and Bushbucks, and Uganda Kob among others. We shall later have lunch at Mweya Peninsula as we await our afternoon boat trip on the waters of Kazinga channel. Head back to the lodge

Day 13: Transfer Queen Elizabeth to Bwindi Impenetrable NP
After breakfast, we shall carry a packed lunch and head further south to the gorilla highlands of Kigezi in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This drive will take us through the southern part of Queen Elizabeth in Ishasha, famously known for its tree climbing lions and we stand chances of seeing them if nature wishes.
We shall enjoy our packed lunch enroute and continue to the home of gentle giants. Later in the afternoon, we shall check in at Mahogany Springs/ Haven/ Silverback lodge.

Day 14: Gorilla Tracking
This is a very exciting day that will wake us with a lot of anxiety for a once in a lifetime experience. After our breakfast, we shall carry our hiking shoes, packed lunches and rain gear among others, and go to meet the Mountain Gorillas. We shall gather at the park offices for entertainment as well as briefing before gorilla tracking. This involves getting conversant with the rules and regulations, dos and don’ts of the one in a million gorilla trek.
After briefing, you will trek through the tangles and vines while penetrating the impenetrable forest until you meet the silverback and his family in their daily activities.
It will take about an hour viewing the gorillas and the return back to the offices for graduation. We shall later walk through the community around Bwindi if time allows. Overnight at the same lodge

Day 15: Transfer from Bwindi to Lake Mburo National Park
We shall have a half day drive to Uganda’s smallest savanna park. This will be through Lake Bunyonyi (Africa’s second deepest lake), a lava-dammed lake with very many islands and very exciting scenic views that cannot go unseen. We shall later have a hot lunch in Mbarara and then proceed to the countless zebras in Lake Mburo National Park.
Overnight at Rwakobo/ Igongo/Mihingo Lodge

Day 16: Full day in Lake Mburo NP
After breakfast, we shall head to this savanna park for a game drive to look out for mammals like Zebra, Buffalo, Giraffe, Lion, Leopard, Impala, Topi, Eland to mention a few and a good selection of birds. We shall also have a boat cruise on the calm waters of Lake Mburo in search of Hippos, Monitor Lizards and special bird among others. Return back to the lodge

Day 17: Lake Mburo to Kampala
After our breakfast, we shall set off northwards back to the capital in Kampala, central Uganda. We shall have a stop-over at the equator for lunch, picture moment and shopping. We later join the highly trafficked Kampala and check in at Cassia Lodge/ Skyz Hotel.

Day 18: City Tour in Kampala
After breakfast, we shall join the heavy traffic in Kampala to different sites. These include; Bahai Temple, Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedrals, New and Old Taxi Parks, Nakasero market, Uganda Museum and Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine. Overnight back to the lodge

Day 19: Visit Mabamba
We shall drive to the marshes of L.Victoria for the shoebill in Mabamba, Mpigi. This is Africa’s sought after bird and we shall sit on a canoe and mingle through the channels in search of this special bird. We shall later transfer to Entebbe peninsula and visit either the Botanical gardens or Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) if time allows.
Overnight at Entebbe Boma Hotel

Day 20: Departure
If time allows, we can revisit the Botanical gardens or enjoy the lodge as we wait for the flight time and this marks the end of our tour.





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